Singularity and the Singularity Academy - Singularity academy
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Singularity and the Singularity Academy

Singularity (the concept) is an original creation pioneered by Institut François Bocquet in France for its Singularity Academy training programs. Designed with managers and communication professionals in mind, it comprises of a set of unique tools that helps users to make interpersonal communications choices and better cater to individual diversity. Thanks to these tools, users can more adeptly “discern” profile types from a truly global perspective, taking stock of core temperament, culture, values systems and context, to help them deal with peers, business partners and clients appropriately.

photofrançois-webSingularity Management submits that, nowadays, new and evolving technology confers upon each and every individual the condition of micro-enterprise, micro-market, micro-media, and micro-message. In its atypical approach, Singularity Management sets itself up as a direct rival to the out-dated one-size-fits-all solution. Our tools provide professionals with a means to properly assess potential, understand deep-seated motivations, clearly discern the various communication styles and manage people accordingly.

François Bocquet and his team have been developing methods and tools, which they constantly strive to enhance, since 1986. The institute’s tools are founded on observation and interview techniques, cross-referencing questionnaires and statistical analysis using international databases.

The Singularity Academy, located in the heart of Paris, was established to continue developing our tools, increase awareness through conferences and publications, provide training and officially certify users. It also serves as a venue where individuals can explore the nuances within their own personality profile.

In short, we offer a range of services to better understand, adapt and manage those you interact with on a regular basis, including:
– A free Personality Profile Test + option of a personalized profile session (2 hours)
– Full-day sessions to assess your management style
– Effective training programs to explore our various communications tools

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