Morpho Profiling - Singularity academy
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Morpho Profiling

Analyzing Face and Form

Web code : 6MPGB

Duration : 2 days (16h)

Price : 1500 € EX-VAT


Who should attend?

  • Upper & Middle Management, Team Leaders, Supervisors and Project Managers
  • HR Professionals in recruiting, performance management and training
  • Professionals involved in negotiations, conflict resolution, communications, sales and customer relations
  • Anyone juggling diverse profiles within their job

Scheduled dates and cities

To register, please contact us by phone : + 33 (1) 6 07 61 76 12

Key benefits

  • Quickly detect core character by reading face structure, facial expressions and non-verbal communication habits
  • Understand peers, clients and business partners better. Identify diversity among individuals and employ the “singularity” principle in customizing your communication style to fit a person’s profile
  • Quickly discern core strengths and weaknesses. A valuable skill for interviews, performance appraisals, and other meetings
  • Delegate better: align tasks to fit profiles and benefit from increased motivation and efficiency
    Temperament-based teambuilding: using complementarity to build highly effective teams
  • Enhance your own managerial, negotiation and sales performance by adapting effectively to diverse profiles
  • Know yourself better: put your own strengths to work and recognize situations where you perform best
  • Mobilize human capital! See motivation grow exponentially: integrate personal projects into the business model and personalize staff involvement in business goals

Program (16h)

First day

What’s in a Face?

  • Definitions: Compare Core Temperament, Acquired Personality, Skill Profile and Contextual Behaviour
  • Face shape observation exercise
  • Interpreting facial portals (nose, pupils, mouth, etc.)
  • Studying facial definition, topography and features

Non-Verbal Communication

  • Using facial expressions to read underlying concerns
  • Deciphering body language, postures and hand movements
  • Observing a walk: what our gait says about us
  • Interpreting vocabulary choice, voice modulation and reading between the lines

Second day

Core Character Types and Prevailing Tendencies

  • Broad categories with universally recognized mindsets and habits
  • Smart life choices: a balancing act between inherent nature, personal history and situational requirements
  • Methodology: the pitfalls of over-simplification and over-complication in profiling; weighing the benefits of rapid functionality against due diligence
  • Important distinctions: core motives, acquired skill and situational requirements

Applications in the Field

  • Interviews, Business Meetings and Performance Appraisals: understanding what drives people by discerning core strengths and weaknesses
  • Building Successful Teams: making diversity work for you and your organization
  • Delegating for present and future needs: using psycho-social risk assessment and strategic workforce planning as preventive measures
  • Customizing Communication Styles: putting interpersonal intelligence to work during interviews, meetings and negotiations; personalizing approaches to better reassure, motivate, sell and convince


  • Morpho-Profiling is used to quickly distinguish a person’s core temperament through the study of face structure as well as body shape, hand movements, physical habits and postures
  • Its unique blend of intuition and analytical skill makes Morpho-Profiling a fast, effective and reliable tool
  • An original concept, Morpho-Profiling was first developed by the Institut François Bocquet in1985 as a professional tool
  • It is now taught worldwide. To date, over 17,000 individuals have been trained on this powerful technique which serves them daily during negotiations, interviews, business meetings and team management decisions